Orders & Payments

Purchase Orders should be addressed to Molco’s corporate address in Portugal.

Corporate address in Portugal:
Molco Lda.
Travessa Domingos Pinho 57 r/c-B
3720-133 Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal
Telephone: (+351) 256 682 099  || email: info@molco.net 

Unless specifically requested and otherwise agreed upon by all parties, Molco’s quotations are submitted in US Dollars, UK Pounds Sterling or Euros.

The terms of payment are noted in our quotations. Typical payment terms for the manufacture of injection tools are:
– 50% down payment with purchase orders.
– 30% upon presentation of parts from first test or, on completion of manufacturing.
– 20% upon approval to ship, or not exceding 90 days of first test of the tools.

Payments are to be processed by bank transfer.