How we work

Requests of quotation for manufacturing and engineering of injection tooling, are normally received by email, with specifications as well as 2D and/or 3D digital files. Within 24 hours every request is reviewed and acknowledged.  The more detailed are the requests, the more accurate will be the study, proposals and quotations submitted by Molco.

Tools are normally quoted within 5 business days and may include estimated shipping and delivery costs.  Additionally, suggestions that are considered as improvements to the tool designs or to the processing/manufacturing of the parts, are routinely submitted.

Within 2 days of the placement of an order, a tool concept layout showing the tool dimensions and overall tool designs is sent for review and approval.  Raw materials are purchased based on the accepted layouts and with it detailed tool designs are also initiated. One week thereafter, preliminary layouts showing injection details, ejection layout and cooling are available for review.  The resulting approval triggers 3D tool design development, CAM engineering and the manufacturing of the tools.

During the manufacturing process, Molco’s staff monitors the work daily and reports its progress weekly. Engineers are available Monday through Friday, from 10 AM to 8 PM GMT (5AM to 3PM US EST), for direct communications through phone or by email.

The reports submitted weekly include photographs, manufacturing details and progress planning information.  Molco´s customers are also invited to attend regular conference calls to discuss project progress and development.

All tool trials are conducted under the direct supervision of Molco engineers.  Once tools are tested, process details are gathered, documented and available to be sent with parts from each test.

Upon completion of manufacturing, after implementing any changes or corrections flagged at tests and after completing any surface finish requirements (like texture or surface treatments), tools are thoroughly inspected and packaged to be shipped.

Customers often take advantage of Molco’s logistics experience and most shipments are managed, by Molco’s staff to the agreed upon delivery. Tool shipments are quoted as an option, listed as a separate line item, and can be handled by the customer if so preferred.

Requests of quotation for consulting services, are acknowledged within 24 hours by one of Molco’s engineers; a tailored reply, with an outline of the services covered is normally confirmed within 5 business days.