Tooling Services

Molco provides tool consulting services on a retainer, or hourly basis.  Quotations of services are customised for each application and often cover:

  • Part design assistance for “moldability”.
  • Prototype product development.
  • Injection tool cost analysis.
  • Technical consulting for tool development.
  • Tool design and engineering.
  • Thermoplastic material selection assistance.
  • Source assessment for tool manufacturing.
  • Tool manufacturing management and planning.
  • Tool alteration review and sourcing.
  • Technical / Mechanical engineering review.
  • Injection flow analysis.
  • Chemical and/or mechanical analysis.
  • Part and/or tool inspection services and dimensional analysis.

The services quoted are managed by Molco’s engineering staff.  While some of the services are directly supplied by Molco, others may be outsourced to dedicated suppliers.