Steels, aluminums, accessories and specialty materials, like “ampoloy” or “porcerax”, are supplied by internationally approved sources and are backed by certificates of origin. Among others, Uddeholm , Picheney or Thyssen are often used as sources for raw materials.

Accessories and components, can follow metric or US standard specifications and DME, CUMSA and Meusburger are among the suppliers that are frequently used.

While most US suppliers of thermoplastic resins have representatives or sales offices, both in Portugal and China, with common resins and many engineering materials are readily available for testing. Still, if a customer prefers to use their own compounds or custom colors, Molco can assist with its shipment and any documentation required.

With a choice of resin for a project, a shrinkage for injection molding  has to be selected and accepted by the customer to be used in the tool development and manufacturing.