Texture finishes are normally achieved through acid etching, commonly called texturing or laser texture.

Tool texturing is subcontracted to third party sources like Mold-Tech, one of the best known suppliers in the industry, which Molco frequently use, and that have facilities both in Portugal.

Texturing is a process that requires careful masking of areas not to be textured, with an awareness and management of drafts that vary greatly depending on the type of texture that is chosen. Much care should be taken in the early review of projects, following suggested specified minimum draft requirements . Minimum draft requirements often result in changes to part designs and assemblies and can radically impact tool design development.

Molco takes an active role in the review of texture requirements from the early stages of a project. With the objective of avoiding costly alterations or unwanted cosmetic compromises, prior to start tool manufacturing, detailed reports are routinely shared with customers highlighting our concerns.

“Textured” finishes, with a far lesser range and control, can also be achieved through processes like dry-blasting procedures (sand, glass bead or other), through EDM (electro discharge) or other processes.